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HELLO, I am a Vedic Astrologer and my name is Carolyn. I offer you wide range of Services including Tarot readings Dream interpretation Vaastu/ Feng Shui Palmistry and my favorite Vedic Astrology sessions. You can choose one service or a combination that suits your needs. I also supply Sacred Yantra Jewelry made by Agnihotra Lee Ringma and Amazing Agonite.

Vedic Astrology

or Jyotishya (from Sanskrit jyotiṣa, from jyótis - "light, heavenly body") is the traditional Vedic system of Lunar based astrology, also known as Hindu astrology, Indian astrology Jyotisha and /or Vedic Astrology.

I love this Lunar based science of the light, the light being Sun and the Moon who are the two brightest but also the fixed stars & the Planets. The celestial bodies travel thru the fixed stars along with the invisible planets Rahu and Ketu (the mysterious eclipse points) & outer planets Uranus Neptune and Pluto.

Your birthchart can tell you alot about what is going on in your life past present and future indications. I am able to interpret the planets and their placement in the heavens to help you navigate the ups & downs we call life. I will shed light on your path. All planets and stars represent a certain energy or facets of life here on Earth, in fact, they actually emit certain magnetic and electric fields which influence your life.

The “houses” of the chart are determined by your birth time date and place and indicate specific areas in life where things will happen. These may be strong or weak depending on the nature and situation of planets that influence them. A Vedic astrology reading probes the depths of meanings in all areas of life and offers practical remedies for difficult planetary placements.

By looking at any horoscope I can help define characteristics, behavior patterns & traits I will offer advice and suggestions in regards to issues as defined by your birthchart. Remedial suggestions as required that can help minimize or destroy negative planetary effects. Major Dasha and Antar Dasha (Planetary Periods) predictions including Transits (Gochara) based on Moon sign and the Ascendant for the desired time frame.

I offer face to face delivery in the comfort of your own home in Darwin / Rural you can come to me at Howard Springs OR Skype or telepone consultations are available for National and international customers.

Jyotisha or Vedic astrology is an ancient science that explains influences of stellar bodies on human beings. A Vedic astrology reading gives definition to these influences and how they reflect the destiny of the person whose chart is being read.


I read the Tarot which uses cards for you, this will “paint” a picture of what is happening in your life. The symbolism in the cards will talk to you and their placement in the spread will reveal where answers may be. The tarot is an ancient oracle that reflects the current situation describes the past and proposes a few forks on the road you may or may not be aware of. For this basic tarot reading I ask you not to ask me any questions just allow the cards to talk to you. This reading usually takes between 40 to 60 minutes max, depending on circumstance.

I offer a unique reading in the combo. This reading which most people go for, is where I use both the Tarot and Vedic or Lunar or Hindu or as I prefer Vedic or Jyotisa astrology. I need your time date and place of birth for all Astrological readings. This lunar based Vedic astrology eastern system uses the same zodiac as Astronomers however the Vedic takes it further with the lunar mansions and the fixed stars. In the combo reading I read your chart describing in brief the planetary influences that are currently affecting you I look the major planetary period you are in and offer information on how the influences are best met. one hour to 1.5hrs.

The Full life reading is comprehensive. I explain your ascending sign, your Moon and your Sun, along with other features of your chart. I look at your planetary dashas from childhood and into the future these give timings on life events. I detail current influences – give you a lot about you. Good days, lucky number, colours, your animal gems, your purpose may well be revealed. Vedic astrology offers remedies to alleviate problems in your life and these are included in a full life reading. I include relocation astrology too (find out where it's good for you to live! Or places to avoid). The reading is recorded and you receive a folder of your charts and and a printout of your Yogas. Normally around two hours but can got to 2¼-3 max, depending on what's going on.

Solar returns (ie return visit) One hour to 1½ max.
All sessions are recorded

I have a Diploma in Jyotisha, I have studied in India with my Jyotish Guru Komilla Sutton.
I have over 20 years experience in Astrology Tarot Counselling and I offer remedial measures.

Services include:

• Astrology
• Agnihotra
• Divination
• Feng Shui
• Mantras
• Vedic Astrology
• Remedies
• Face & palm reading
• Sacred Yantra Jewelry
• Agonite
• Dream Interpretation

• Partyplans and workshops

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